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Xicato light quality now available in 3500K

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xicato_xsmXicato introduces a 3500K Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) option to its range of LED modules. 3500K is the predominant color temperature for ambient lighting in North America and is increasingly popular in other markets. The new color will be offered in all Xicato flux packages starting at 1000 lumens and above and allows lighting designers an option to match 3500K accent and ambient layers. Other accent source options, halogen and metal halide, are not generally available in 3500K and present challenging problems such as short life and poor efficacy (halogen), or color shift and inability to control (metal halide). Now designers have an optimum overall specification of color quality, high efficiency, long life, stable color point and seamless controls integration.

The 1000lm Artist Series Xicato Spot Module is also available in 3500K. For the first time an accent light source with halogen-like color rendering properties (CRI, 95+ with R9, 96 typical) can be used by designers to match fluorescent sources.

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